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-----------------MY Background: Jay Celador currently is a retired entrepreneur. He lives in Dreux France in his Château d'Anet, with his wife Fantine and children Ulysses and Marius and his German Shepard Walter. He owns an expensive stamp collection and enjoys quail hunting and dry martinis


Tonight my work shift inspired me to consume copious amounts of alcohol. I have acquired a fastidious thirst. My mental sublimation was compromised, therefore some form of inebriation was needed to compensate for the lack of a mental equilibrium. I have a bottle of rum and a lot of Battlestar Galactica to watch on netflix. Turnt up. Turnips.

Today was the shittiest work experience of my life. But I had some fun. 

Kitchen walk in is empty. No dishwasher on schedule. No morning prep done. No spaghetti. An Italian restaurant with no fucking spaghetti! I had to wash dishes, and prep, and cook a few pasta dishes.Servers are disgruntled. Managers are defeated. One chef worked for 14 hours today and closed 2 stations. Other chef closed 3.

This is the life in which I have subscribed. I thrive in a chaotic environment, I respond to pressure. The kitchen life is good for me. I am trained in pastas, salads, and deserts at a very busy Italian restaurant. I applied to culinary school and hope to start in January. I visited the CIA in Napa and fell in love. I believe I have found my calling in life. 

I also toured a restaurant today that hasn’t been opened yet. It looks promising. 

The XX - Basic Space
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Basic Space - The XX from XX


Neck, chest, waist to floor
Easy to take, you could take me in fours
Make me a deal, a day a piece
Take it all, just stay a week

I’ll take you in pieces
We can take it all apart
I’ve suffered shipwrecks right from the start
I’ve been underwater, breathing out and in
I think I’m losing where you end and I begin

Basic space, open air
Don’t look away, when there’s nothing there

I’m setting us in stone
Piece by piece, before I’m alone
Air tight, before we break
Keep it in, keep us safe

It’s a pool of boiling wax
I’m getting in
Let it set
Got to seal this in
Can’t adjust, Can’t relearn
Got to keep what I have, preserve